Working with Window Treatments in Your Kitchen

Probably the most functional room there is in a house is the kitchen. This is the room where you prepare all your meals and is full of hard metal pots, pans, and other hard surfaces like the kitchen counter, the sink area and more. In such a setting like this, window treatments are the only way to add some softness to the room to help balance out all the hard features of the kitchen with the softness of the fabric of window curtains and its calm colors and beautiful patterns. Let’s go through the basic purposes of window curtains and other treatments in your kitchen.

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First and foremost, the window treatments in your kitchen are there for decoration. Kitchens can look very dull, but with the right treatments, you can make the room look a little prettier. Liven up the atmosphere by making use of curtains that have wild patterns or you can also make the setting a little more calm by using treatments that have a cool color and minimalist patterns. Go with colors that you think will look good in your kitchen, they are decorations after all, but I wouldn’t recommend using white. What you accidentally splatter some sauce on the area?

The second purpose of having kitchen window treatments is to add a sense of privacy. Let’s say that you go in to your kitchen early in the morning in your underwear to get a cup of coffee and then realize that everyone outside has a clear view of you through your kitchen window. This is why you should also consider the curtains for their ability to make the room a little more private and prevent the neighbors from seeing anything embarrassing. If you want to prevent people from outside seeing you but still want the sunlight to come in, considering getting some cellular or roller shades.

The third purpose of getting window treatments in your kitchen is to help control the light that is coming in. Imagine trying to cook something in the morning and then suddenly, the light from the sun causes you lose control of the pan or the spatula which could send the hot tool or burning oil right at you. In addition to that, the sunlight that comes into your kitchen could damage the kitchen flooring and your prized wooden table. Window treatments that can help you with this include cellular shades and solar shades. If you really want to be in control of the amount of sunlight that comes in, you can use shutters that have slats that can lessen the light coming in.

Once you know all about getting kitchen window treatments and for what reason, you should also be knowledgeable about maintaining them and keeping it clean. Since the window treatments are in your kitchen it will be susceptible to any sauce splatters and it will also absorb any oil that is cooking so you will have to clean in on a daily basis. Kitchen window treatments that are left dirty may develop certain smells which you do not want.

Working with Window Treatments in Your Kitchen

Caring for Your Window Treatments

home trendsWindow treatments can be expensive, which is why ensuring that they last as long as possible is vital. There are so many options when it comes to window coverings that it can sometimes be confusing to know just how to take care of each type. Whether you have Hunter Douglas blinds or curtains, there are correct ways to keep them looking brand new.


Blinds can be easy to clean. Many blinds can be swept with a handheld vacuum cleaner that has a soft brush attachment. If they are covered in fabric, you have to spot clean because soap and water can damage the fabric or leave stains. For wooden blinds, it can be a good idea to occasionally use wood polish to give them a great shine and keep them looking beautiful and new. Do not use soap or water on these, either. If you have wooden shutters, it can be a good idea to dip a brush in detergent and water and clean using that. For metal blinds, you can mix a tsp of ammonia in water  and then brush each blind with it. For a deeper clean, you should remove the blinds from the window, place them in a bath of soapy water and clean each slat. Rinse and allow to dry.


Shades are very popular window coverings these days but it is important to know how to clean them. Use very little water and allow them to dry outside for the perfect finishing look. For vinyl or any kind of coated shade, you should unroll them lay them flat and then clean them using a very mild soap and a bit of water. Rinse with only a damp cloth and allow to dry. Do the same on the other side. For parchment shades of those made out of any type of paper, it is important not to wash them but to wipe dust off with a duster or even a paintbrush. Do not use liquids or any strong cleaners on these shades, since this can cause them to stain or disintegrate.


Most curtains will come with cleaning instructions. Some are find to wash in a regular washer and dryer, while others may need dry cleaning or other methods. This depends on the kind of fabric they are made of and how old they are. Some you can even wash by hand in a bathtub and hang to dry outside.

By knowing all the ways that you can keep your window treatments looking their best, you will save yourself lots of stress and money. Clean them regularly to remove dust, and keep an eye on stains or other damage. For most of these window coverings, strong detergents are not a good idea, so stick with milder soaps or just water and soft brush. Most coverings come with cleaning instructions of some kind, so be sure to read up on the different ways that you can keep them clean and looking brand new through the years.

Caring for Your Window Treatments